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Η AREBAS πιστοποιήθηκε με ISO9001:2015 και ISO27001:2013 για την παροχή λύσεων πληροφορικής, ERP, Βackup και ασφάλεια πληροφοριών. Η Εταιρεία Πληροφορικής “AREBAS - Α. ΧΑΤΖΗΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΥ & [...]


Παρουσίαση Firewall Fortigate40f


H Fortinet παρουσίασε τη νέα σειρά f των Fortigate Firewall . Το συγκεκριμένο Firewall aπευθύνεται στη μικρομεσαία αγορά (1-15 χρήστες) με ανεπανάλυπτες δυνατότητες. Δείτε τις δυνατότητες του [...]

Παρουσίαση Firewall Fortigate40f2020-12-19T20:52:17+02:00

Office 365 Backup


As more businesses move to the cloud, adoption of Office365 Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online and OneDrive is surging. At the same, the risk of data loss on Office 365 caused by human errors and hacker intrusion also increases. Backing up the Office 365 data to datacenter or other non-Microsoft cloud is the best way to protect those data from loss.

Office 365 Backup2019-04-15T11:00:14+02:00

Incremental vs Differential Backup.


What is the difference between Ahsay's In-File Delta block level incremental and differential backups? Which one is better? Let us take a look. Incremental backup backups the delta comparing to the previous backup job, while differential backup backups the delta comparing to the initial backup file (seed). As a result, incremental backup is faster than differential backup. On the contrary, during file restoration, restoring file backed up through differential method is faster. Because it only requires 2 deltas to complete the restoring job, that is combining the seed file to the delta file which is needed to be restored. On the other hand, ALL deltas are required to restore a file backed up through incremental method. In conclusion, both backup methods have their advantage and disadvantage. An optimal data protection strategy should includes both backup methods, so that it can achieve maximum backup performance and flexibility during backup and restore.

Incremental vs Differential Backup.2019-04-15T09:00:11+02:00

Γιατί να έχουμε Backup από το Ms Office 365 Exchange Online


  Το Microsoft Office 365 είναι η πιο συνηθισμένη σουίτα επιχειρησιακής παραγωγικότητας σήμερα και εκατομμύρια οργανισμοί έχουν μεταφέρει την υποδομή τους ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου Exchange στο Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online. [...]

Γιατί να έχουμε Backup από το Ms Office 365 Exchange Online2019-10-10T23:08:32+02:00
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