As more businesses move to the cloud, adoption of Office365 Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online and OneDrive is surging. At the same, the risk of data loss on Office 365 caused by human errors and hacker intrusion also increases. Backing up the Office 365 data on-premises, to datacenter or other non-Microsoft cloud are the best ways to protect those data from loss.

Agentless or agent-based deployment

You can deploy the Office 365 Backup solution flexibly in agentless or agent-based approach for meeting different needs.


Office 365 Backup can be scheduled to run anytime or on a recurring basis.

Backup to multi-destinations

Cloud data can be backed up to multiple local, network share, FTP/SFTP server, and public cloud destinations at the same time.

Restore to original / alternate domain

Backed up Office 365 data can be flexibly restored to original or an alternate domain.

Retention / Versioning

Data being deleted from the Office 365 or older versions of files can be kept in the backup destinations as long as you want through retention policy settings.

Point-in-time recovery

Office 365 data can be restored from any point in time that backup was made. Multiple versions of an item can be recovered through a single restore operation.